September 6, 2014

My New Books Fall-Out In Winter 2015!

Hello Absolute Hotness! I know you're waiting for the continuation of your favorite sexy tales, and I'm finally gonna deliver. A lot of drama has occurred in my real life since I last published, but I put that mess to bed and got to work putting your favorite characters to bed, on the table, in the Lambo, on the beach, and... well you already know the freaky ways they do it.

So before this winter ends, look for the final installment of Triple-X Rated and Downsized. Plus a new novel that will absolutely blow your mind. I'm keeping the details about this one secret, but the story has my fingers flying on the keyboard, it is just that hot, bad ass, nasty ish your erotic dreams are made of ; )

Also, as requested by many of you, I'll be publishing the entire "Her Husband Made Her Do Him Series" including the final installment in one ebook and paperback novel, so you can read it from start to finish without having to open another book. Here is the cover.

May 6, 2013

PUBLISHED! Triple X-Rated and Downsized 2: Stripped

Yes, thanks to you, I finally published the naughty books you've kept asking me for. Thank you so much for your patience, and for your weekly email messages.

Ebook only for now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Hit me up with your questions and/or responses at , you know I always holla back!

Click to choose where you want to get your ebook:

Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One, featuring porn star Flash Brown on the cover. You can't have this hot man, but you can have his delicious dick! No, not the one attached to his hot ass body, do a Google search so you can get the huge Flash Brown replica vibrator. Follow Flash on Twitter

The hot cover for Triple X-Rated was created by Kween at , follow her blogs Fancy Face Kreations Blog and check her Facebook page
Cover Photo by Derrick S. Clegg, featuring Models Vickie6 and StephyC

February 25, 2013


Finally, the hotness you've been emailing me about is coming your way in a few weeks. Here's the cover, but I'm going to split this book up into two, because I'm not done with the latter part, and I am through keeping you waiting!


I had to drop the news on you about this new, scorching hot anthology written by women who have personally supported and inspired me on my writing journey. It's available in ebook form at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Get yours now!

Naughty Gras at

August 28, 2012

Her Husband 2 Has A New Cover

Because you know I'm NEVER Satisfied! Same story inside, new look outside. Cover model Vickie6, Photo by Evolve Photography. And yes, I am working on the THIRD and FINAL book in the series, called Triple X-Rated, because...well it's REALLY NASTY! Muah!


As promised, I've just published the longer, sexier, steamier version of my short story Ebook, Downsized CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS...

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July 28, 2012


That's what the latest reviewer on says. This is from a reader who gave Fifty Shades of Grey 5 Stars, but says Fifty was not well written. Let me know your thoughts.

1.0 out of 5 stars Nothing Like 50 Shades of Grey!, July 28, 2012
Wish I had not wasted my time on this book. Not well written and not a great story line. Nothing like 50 shades. Just black porn.

From a Reader of Fifty Shades of Grey

My Books Are Recommended by Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey:

Just What I Needed!
5 Stars, by Sherise74
Amazon Verified Purchaser

I was fresh off the "Fifty Shades of Grey " trilogy and needed a new fix. I hadn't been into books since undergrad & figured what else am I doing with this iPad ??? I did a google search for similar books and stumbled upon this one. It was a great read. Loved the flow of the storyline and found Kat quite relatable. Just downloaded the sequel and couldn't be more excited. It was just what I needed. Highly recommended.

About Me/Ms. Downlow/Katlynne LaSalle: The writer and character are my alter egos. I started blogging in the summer of 2009 to ease the pain of my broken heart. My followers encouraged me to write a book giving them the whole sexy tale. Then they wanted more, so I wrote a sequel. Click on the book covers to read free excerpts.

Her Husband Made Her Do Him, 2: Cover Photo Models, Vickie6 and Derrick S. Clegg
Photographed by: Derrick S. Clegg of Images by Clegg